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  Win4Lin 3.0
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Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0

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  NeTraverse Win4Lin 4.0 - Workstation Edition
Run Your Favorite Windows Applications on Linux Today!


Run your favorite Windows applications on the Linux operating system in the fastest Windows 95/98/ME environment available for Linux. You can now take advantage of running two operating systems simultaneously. The stability, security, and administrative capabilities of Linux are now partnered with the vast number of Windows applications that you have come to depend on.

NeTraverse Win4Lin 4.0 enables Linux users to run the Windows operating system programs concurrently with their existing Linux operating system without additional hardware or the need to dual boot,. This configuration dramatically improves productivity and saves you money by reducing hardware and OS license upgrade costs.

NeTraverse solutions are ideal for a number of environments:

  • Development labs that use both the Windows and Linux operating systems
  • Organizations interested in taking advantage of the benefits of Linux (free operating system, stability and security) while still needing to use Windows applications.
  • Companies contemplating costly software upgrades to Windows 2000 and XP as well as the expensive hardware requirements that go with it.
  • Anyone who needs increased security and stability for their existing Windows computing environment
For more information on volume licensing or to purchase Win4Lin for corporate, education or government usage, please contact