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  Win4Lin 3.0

Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0
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  Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0
Thin-Client Server-Computing on Linux from NeTraverse


Break the software license upgrade cycle, reduce costs and improve productivity today!

NeTraverse brings the best of the Linux® computing platform and the Windows´┐Ż desktop environment to users in a networked environment through Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0 (WTS 2.0). Multiple Computers Image

Leveraging one of the most stable, scalable server platforms to deliver Windows application services over a network, WTS 2.0 is ideally suited for the professional office, small business, university, government agency, department or branch office looking for innovative ways to reduce the cost of ownership and extend the life of their current technology investments.

By deploying Win4Lin Terminal Server 2.0, organizations can use their existing Window licenses and hardware, reducing costs and increasing productivity by migrating to a more reliable, cost-effective and high-performance computing platform that gives users the power to access their data anytime, anywhere.

With NeTraverse, IT departments can finally take advantage of a multi-vendor, multi-platform network, without forcing their users to leave the familiar Windows desktop environment.

Win4Lin Terminal Server not only provides the invaluable freedom and flexibility to break away from traditional Windows IT solutions, it ensures the significant cost savings necessary to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership of desktop management for good.

We appreciate your interest in Win4Lin Terminal Server! For more information or to request an evaluation copy, please contact us at If you are interested in reselling NSSE in the continental US, please contact